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Solar power in Sydney

Conditions in Sydney are well suited to generating solar power. A typical 5kW system can generate around 19.6kWh per day, more than is possible in Melbourne. The table below shows the average output of different size solar systems in Sydney:

Solar power output in Sydney
3kW Solar system: 12.0kWh
4kW Solar system: 16.0kWh
5kW Solar system: 20.0kWh
6.6kW Solar system: 26.4kWh
10kW Solar system: 40.0kWh

There are local variants that will affect the output of your solar panels in Sydney:

Panel angle

The best angle to install your panels in Sydney is 33.9°, which is the same angle as the latitude of the city. If you have a flat roof, you will need to mount the panels on an angle so that they clean themselves when it rains. Otherwise, a roof pitch either side of 33.9° will still generate a decent amount of solar.

Panel orientation

For all locations in Australia, including Sydney, it is best to orient your panels to the north. If you have an east/west roof orientation, your solar panels can still generate good output, particularly if your consumption habits align with the morning and late afternoon periods when your panels are generating power.

Shading of panels in Sydney

It is best to install your panels to avoid any shading issues. If it is not possible to do so, microinverters and power optimisers can mitigate the effect of shading on your panels, though both solutions add to the cost of your solar system.

roof orientation angle and shading in Sydney

Solar panel prices in Sydney

Sydney is arguably Australia’s most competitive location for solar panel installations, and prices reflect this. Prices in Sydney are on the whole cheaper than they are in Brisbane. The table below shows average prices for solar power systems in Sydney, expect to pay more if you want the best solar panels:

Average cost of solar panels in Sydney
System size: 3kW 5kW 6.6kW 10kW
Average prices: $4,017 $5,270 $6,330 $9,590

Government solar rebate

All New South Wales residents can get a solar rebate when they buy solar panels, providing the components are approved by the Clean Energy Council and the installation is carried out by a CEC accredited installer. The federal rebate can reduce the cost of your solar panels by as much as $1,920 for a 5kW system, or $2,520 for a 6.6kW unit. There is currently no state rebate on offer for New South Wales residents.

New South Wales feed-in tariffs

New South Wales feed-in tariffs vary by retailer. Expect to receive anywhere between 5 – 12c depending on your retailer and the electricity plan you are on. Some retailers offer a maximum feed-in tariff that can be as high as 15 – 20c per kWh, but they normally have special conditions.

Cheap solar in Sydney

The Sydney market is particularly competitive; beware of companies that are taking shortcuts and quoting prices that seem too low. We strongly recommend that you do not select your system based on price alone. If you do experience any issues when installing solar panels, you can contact the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW and lodge a complaint.

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Solar payback and savings in Sydney

With Sydney’s competitive solar market, and its good solar power generating conditions; it is possible for a solar power system to payback within five years. Many variants will affect the payback and savings of a system at your home, none the least is when you consume your electricity. Our Solar Calculator can reliably calculate your household’s potential for solar savings.

The graphic below shows results for a 6.6kW system in Sydney:

savings and payback results for a typical 6.6kW solar system in Sydney
payback period for Sydney households of 5 - 6 years

Sydney solar installers:How to find a good one

The quality of your system’s components and the installation work will determine how well your system performs and how long it lasts. We cannot stress enough the importance of the installation. This checklist highlights what to look for when buying solar panels from a Sydney installer company:

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The best way to ensure that you buy panels from a good installer company is to get your quotes from us. We at Solar Calculator have relationships with the best Sydney solar installers that demonstrate leading industry practices.

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