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Solar power generation in Melbourne

Melbourne is a good location for generating solar power from your rooftop. The average Melbourne property consumes 18kWh of electricity per day, a 6.6kW system will generate on average 23.8kWh of electricity and is the most common system size in Victoria. The table below shows the average output of different solar systems in Melbourne:

There are site-specific variants that will affect the ability of your solar system to generate power in Melbourne:

Melbourne solar power output
3kW Solar system 10.8kWh
4kW Solar system 14.4kWh
5kW Solar system 18.0kWh
6.6kW Solar system 23.8kWh
10kW Solar system 36.0kWh

Panel angle

The optimum panel angle in Melbourne is 37.8°, the same angle as the latitude of the city. Many federation style houses in inner city Melbourne have roof pitches of 45° that are ideal for capturing maximum sunshine during the less productive winter months.

Panel orientation

As with all Australian cities, installing panels on a north facing rooftop will optimise the solar power output. However, if your household uses the majority of its power during the morning and afternoon peak periods, an east/west orientation may be advantageous.


Shading of Melbourne properties can occur from nearby buildings or trees. The addition of microinverters or power optimisers can overcome many shading issues.

roof orientation angle and shading in Melbourne

Solar panels prices:in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of Australia’s most competitive markets for solar panel installations, and prices reflect this. The table shows average prices for good solar panels in Melbourne.

Melbourne solar panel prices
System size: 3kW 5kW 6.6kW 10kW
Average prices: $4,141 $5,451 $6,555 $9,932

The prices above include all system components, the Federal government rebate, the cost of installation and GST.

Melbourne average panel prices with Victorian rebate

If you are eligible for the Victorian solar rebate, you can save a further $1,400 of the purchase of new solar panels.

Melbourne solar panel prices with Vic rebate
System size: 3kW 5kW 6.6kW 10kW
Average prices: $2,741 $4,051 $5,155 $8,532

Cheap solar panels in Melbourne: Beware!

While it is tempting to compare solar panel installations on price alone, it is not a selection method that we recommend. Many variants affect the price of panels in Melbourne, and you should consider each one:

  • The quality of the solar panels
  • The quality of the inverter and other system components
  • The company that is performing the install
  • The reputation of the solar company
  • All product, system and install warranties
  • After sales service

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Melbourne solar rebatesand feed-in tariffs

Federal government rebate

All Melbourne solar panel installations will receive the Federal government solar rebate providing the solar panels are approved by the Clean Energy Council, and an accredited installer performs the install.

Solar Victoria rebate

You may also be eligible for a refund through Solar Victoria’s rebate scheme. If your household income is less than $210,000 per year, you may be able to claim as much as $1,400 off the price of a new solar system. You must buy your system from a CEC Approved Solar Retailer to claim this rebate.

Victorian feed-in tariffs

A feed-in tariff is an amount you will be credited for every kWh of power your system exports to the grid. It is not a rebate; instead, it is paid by your electricity retailer to you in the form of a credit. The feed-in tariff varies between retailers, so it is best to shop around, but the average Melbourne feed-in tariff is around 5.0c / kWh.


Typical payback for a 6.6kWsolar system in Melbourne

A typical north facing 6.6kW system in Melbourne can payback within 4 – 6 years. However, a 6.6kW system may not necessarily be the most suitable for your household. There are also several variables specific to your property and electricity consumption habits that will affect the payback of a solar system. These variables and the system size you select are all factored into our solar power calculator, and it will provide you with accurate results for your Melbourne property.

Below are the results for a typical 6.6kW north-facing solar system in Melbourne.

results from Solar Calculator for a 6.6kW system in Melbourne
payback period graphic for Melbourne households

Melbourne’s bestsolar companies

Selecting a good solar installer is paramount to maximising the solar potential of your property. A good solar company should recommend:

  • Suitable system components
  • Confirm the most suitable system size
  • Tailor a system for your specific electricity needs and property variables
tips for selecting installers: installation, warranties and accreditation

Tips for selecting a good Melbourne company


  • System components
  • Product warranties
  • Installation warranties
  • Entire system warranties


  • Level of accreditation
  • Years in business
  • Sales conduct


  • A trusted quote service!
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