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Deciding whether or not to invest in solar power panels, or solar storage can be complex; and if you decide it’s a yes, then you need to decide on the appropriate sized system and storage for your needs. There are many considerations and indeed many calculations you should perform before finalising your decision. Our website provides all of the calculations you need. Whilst our comprehensive solar power calculator is the main starting point for people looking into solar, we also provide calculators for: battery storage, off grid systems, electricity usage, system size, solar financing, rebates and feed in tariffs.

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Solar power calculator

Our solar power calculator aids users in deciding whether or not to convert to solar power. The results tell you: your payback period, the cost of your solar system, annual solar savings, lifetime savings, solar power generation, electricity used, cost of hybrid system (solar & battery) and the carbon emissions that you’ll save. The calculator contains many variables that other solar calculators do not. For example, you can see the effect a battery will have on the performance of your new solar power system. We also factor in things like the daily supply charge, shading, cost of finance and as well as other commonly found variables. You can use this calculator on our home page.

Solar battery calculator

Solar storage is the buzz topic in solar today and may just be the new frontier for the industry. The problem has always been that the cost of storing solar power is too expensive. Well now costs are coming down and it can be viable to add a battery to your existing solar system. That’s exactly what our battery storage tool calculates, the feasibility of adding battery storage to an existing solar system. If you don’t have any solar panels yet, then you should use the solar power calculator which combines both solar panels and battery storage.

Off grid calculator

If you are considering disconnecting from the electricity grid you should use our off grid calculator. You can calculate your power requirements and then let the calculator tell you the system size and battery bank you’ll need to ensure a steady supply of solar energy for your location.

Electricity use calculator

If you just want to know how much electricity your household consumes, you can use the electricity calculator tool. It tells you how much you use on a daily basis.

System size calculator

The system size calculator is handy if you just want to know what size solar system you will need to service your power needs. This information can also be found by running the solar panel calculator on the home page.

Solar loan calculator

If you are considering financing your solar purchase, either via your existing mortgage or through a specialist solar lender, you can calculate your monthly repayments and the additional cost of interest using our solar loan calculator.

Solar rebate calculator

This tool calculates the rebate you will be entitled to when you purchase a new solar panel system. The size of the rebate you receive varies depending on your location.

Feed in tariff calculator

The feed in tariff you receive for exporting your excess solar power back to the grid varies by retailer. Our buy back calculator tells you the rate you will receive with your existing retailer.