The Australian solar panel buying guide

The complete guide of what to look for when buying solar panels.

Buying solar panels can be an excellent investment – for both your family and the environment. But it is a substantial investment – so it’s beneficial to do your research before committing.

Our complete guide to buying solar panels covers – the cost, system size, selecting a reputable installer, warranties, and choosing a quality panel.

If you wish to know more about solar power before investigating panels, read our solar power for home and business guide here.

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6 Choosing your panels

System size:How many panels youneed for your house

The size is calculated based on how much electricity you use, and when you consume it. If you’re considering solar panels, your daylight electricity usage is critical to the system size. If you’re looking to install a battery with the system, then the system size is best calculated based on your average daily electricity usage as opposed to daylight usage.

Size dimensions of solar panels

In terms of physical size, a 3kW system can consist of 12 x 250W (Watt) panels or 9 x 335W panels. The dimensions of each panel, regardless of the system, will be roughly 1.0 x 1.7m2. The 9 module system features fewer panels and takes up less roof space.

This system size calculator will help you select the right system size for your property.


The cost ofsolar panels

The below table indicates the average industry cost of solar panels of different system sizes. These prices are a good starting point before delving further into comparing the quality of different solar panel brands and installers.

Average cost of solar panels
System size: Cost:
3kW $4,000 – $5,500
5kW $5,500 – $7,000
6.6kW $6,500 – $8,500
10kW $12,000 – $15,000

The prices above include the solar panel rebate which varies according to how much power is produced by a solar power system.

The differences between Australian states

The cost of solar panels varies across major Australian cities, as does the energy output based on their location. For example, a 5kW system in Melbourne will, on average generate 18kWh per day, while in sunnier Brisbane, the same size system will generate 21.8 kWh per day. The below table indicates the different costs of installing a 5kW system across different Australian cities.

Cost of 5kW systems in Australia:
System size: Output: Cost:
Sydney: 19.5kWh $5,866
Melbourne: 18kWh $6,288
Brisbane: 21.0kWh $6,270
Perth: 22.0kWh $5,754
Adelaide: 21.0kWh $6,683

The cost of panels is important, but you should consider the annual and lifetime savings that your investment in solar panels can potentially bring; our solar power calculator can help you calculate your possible savings and results.

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