WA solar rebates and feed-in tariffs

Western Australia residents can reduce the cost of a solar power system with the Australian solar panel rebate and ongoing feed-in tariffs. We cover it all for you, including:

  • Rebates available to WA residents
  • WA feed-in tariffs
  • Solar power in WA
  • Solar power at your place
  • Finding a good WA solar company
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Solar rebate for Western Australia

The solar panel rebate in Western Australia can reduce the cost of a 6.6kW system by as much as $3,700. The rebate comes in the form of Small-scale Technology Certificates, the number you receive depends on the size of the solar system you select. The table below shows the price of a 6.6kW solar system with the rebate:

Typical rebate for a 6.6kW system in WA:
Gross system cost: $10,296
Solar panel rebate: ($3,712)
Net system cost: $6,584

You will only receive the solar rebate if the panels and inverter you buy, are on the Australian Clean Energy Council’s (CEC) list of approved products. Your system also needs be installed by a CEC accredited installer.

Western Australia state schemes

The Western Australian government currently has no rebate scheme for additional upfront savings. There is no real need for one either as the uptake for solar power in the state is very high, whereas the Victorian solar rebate scheme helps to improve the payback period which is typically longer than that for Western Australia.

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Western Australia feed-in tariffs

Solar feed-in tariffs in Western Australia vary according to your location. If you live in Perth and the south-east metropolitan area, your feed-in tariff is 7.135c per kWh of electricity your system exports to the grid. If you live in a regional area and your electricity retailer is Horizon Energy, your solar buyback varies according to your location, but typically ranges anywhere from 7.1c – 51c per kWh.

The best solar feed-in tariffs in WA

Unlike New South Wales feed-in tariffs, there is no competition amongst Western Australian retailers to provide the best buyback rates.

Solar power in Western Australia

Western Australia typically provides the fastest payback on solar power in Australia due to: the amount of sunshine the state receives, the high solar rebates and competitive panel prices in Perth. It is not uncommon to payback a system within 4-5 years, though there are many variables including your electricity usage habits and your property’s suitability for solar.

Financial incentives

The available rebates and feed-in tariffs are financial incentives that make a solar power investment in Western Australia, particularly appealing. If you purchase solar panels that are installed by a Clean Energy Council installer, you will receive the Australian government solar rebate. Once your system is up and running, you will also receive a solar feed-in tariff for every kilowatt (kWh) you export back to the electricity grid.

Get solar power results for your WA property

We recommend using our solar system calculator to get an accurate idea of your payback period and savings potential for your property. The calculator takes into account your electricity usage and property variables like roof orientation and the angle your panels will sit on, to provide you with reliable results on your solar potential.

Finding a good WA solar company

Other states like South Australia, make it mandatory for you to have a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer install your system if you are to receive the additional state rebate. As there is no additional rebate scheme in place in WA, there is no such requirement to have an approved retailer supply and install your system. Though it is still a good idea; the solar system installation is critical to the ongoing performance and longevity of your solar panels.

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The best Western Australia solar companies also provide a 5-year total system warranty. When you request quotes through our site, we put you in touch with three companies that provide the best installation practices and warranties in Western Australia.


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