Queensland solar rebates and feed-in tariffs

Queensland residents can reduce the cost of solar power through incentives like the Australian government solar rebate and the available State government rebates. We cover all of the Queensland solar power incentives for you, including:

  • Australian solar panel rebate
  • Queensland state government rebates
  • Queensland feed-in tariffs
  • Solar power in Queensland
  • Finding a good solar company
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The federal solar rebate is available in Queensland

If you live in Queensland, you can receive a solar panel rebate from the Australian government. Any purchase of solar panels will qualify for the rebate so long as the modules and inverter receive approval by the Clean Energy Council and; a CEC accredited installer performs the installation.

How much is the federal solar rebate worth in Queensland?

The solar rebate in Queensland can reduce the cost of your solar panels by up to a third. See the example below of a rebate for a 5kW solar system on the Sunshine Coast:

Solar rebate for a 5kW system on the Sunshine Coast:
Gross system cost: $8,500
Solar panel rebate: ($2,812)
Net system cost: $5,688

The rebate that you receive varies according to the size of your solar system and your location in Queensland.

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Queensland state government rebates

The Queensland state government rebates are on hold until further notice. The following incentives may be available again soon. For more information, please visit the interest-free loans for solar and storage program on the Queensland government website.

  • Queensland government rebates are currently on hold

Panel and battery rebate (Currently not available)

You may also be able to receive a rebate from installing a panel and battery system from the Queensland government. Under the scheme, households can receive a grant of up to $3,000 for a panel and battery system. It is also possible to get an interest-free loan of up to $10,000 to fund the purchase.

QLD battery rebate (Currently not available)

The Queensland government is also offering a rebate for battery purchases of up to $3,000. If you do opt for a solar battery, you may also apply for an interest-free loan for up to $6,000.

Interest-free loans for solar panels (Currently not available)

If you favour a solar panel system, it is possible to receive an interest-free loan under the Queensland solar incentive scheme of up to $4,500. The loan must be repaid in full within seven years.

Queensland feed-in tariffs

Another form of incentive you will receive as a Queensland resident is a solar feed-in tariff. The feed-in tariff, or solar buyback, is the amount you receive for every kWh of power your system exports back to the grid. Typically, rates range from 8 – 12c.

Feed-in tariffs for South East Queensland

If you live in South East Queensland, your feed-in tariff is set by your electricity retailer. There is no minimum rate set by the state government.

Regional Queensland solar feed-in tariffs

The situation is different if you live in regional Queensland. You have the option of choosing a flat set rate of 9.369c per kilowatt hour or a time-varying rate of 5.796c for off-peak exports and 13.73c (3 pm – 7 pm) for peak exports.

The best solar feed-in tariffs in Queensland

The table below shows the best solar feed-in tariffs available in Queensland:

Best Queensland feed-in tariffs
Energy Australia 11.5c
Dodo Power & Gas 8.5c
Click Energy 8.0c
QEnergy 8.0
AGL 8.0

Solar power in Queensland

All areas in Queensland receive a high number of sunshine hours, which makes an investment in solar power appealing, and it also means that you receive a higher solar rebate than residents in southern states like Victoria. The payback period on your solar panel system can be as short as 4 – 5years, depending on your usage habits.

Calculate solar power in Queensland

Our solar calculator on the home page can display reliable results for generating solar power at your property. It accurately predicts your solar savings, panel cost and payback period according to your electricity usage.

Accessing your rebates from good companies

The rebates available in Queensland mean that there has never been a better time to invest in solar power. While the State government solar rebates are currently on hold, the federal incentive will is slowly being phased out over the next 11 years. We take the vetting process of Queensland solar companies very seriously and can provide quotes from highly accredited solar retailers in Queensland.


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