Annual Savings


Payback Period


Solar System Cost


Return On Investment

0 kW


0 kWh


0.0 kWh


0.0tonnes of CO2


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Electricity bill comparison

$0.0 Without solar
$0.0 With solar
$0.0 Lifetime savings

System / Costs / Savings


  • Solar system capacity0kW

  • Number of panels (Area m2)0

  • Solar generated daily0.0kWh

  • Daily electricity use0.0kWh

  • Solar energy stored daily0.0kWh

  • Energy fed back into grid (daily)0.0kWh

System Cost & Incentives

  • Solar system cost$0

  • Solar rebate($0)

  • Net system cost$0

  • Cost of electricity per kWh$0.0

  • Feed in tariff incentive$0.0

  • Battery storage cost$0

Saving & Financials

  • Annual savings$0

  • Lifetime savings$0

  • Payback period0.0 years

  • Return on investment0.0%

  • New bill amount$0

  • Annual battery savings$0


This solar power calculator is indicative only. It is provided to give an estimate only and general guide of the potential savings and benefits of installing and using solar panels and batteries. You can read our full solar calculator disclaimer here.

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How to maximise solar savings

The best way to make savings from solar power is to use as much electricity during the day when your panels are generating energy; we refer to this as self-consumption.

Unless you have a solar battery, any excess power that you don't use gets exported back to the grid. You will receive a feed-in tariff for each kilowatt-hour you export, but it is only roughly 40% of what you pay for electricity. Factor this in mind when using the calculator, the higher the percentage of electricity you use during the day, the higher your solar savings will be.

sun shining and person realising it's the best time to use solar electricity to maximise savings

Variables in calculatingsolar power output

The output of your solar power system will vary depending on several factors. These factors include weather and climate, roof pitch (angle of your roof), roof orientation, shading or obstruction, the system size you select and the quality of the installation. Each of these elements will affect your system's performance and your potential solar savings.

solar output variables
Location: Sunshine hours
Orientation: Roof direction
Roof pitch: Angle of your roof
Shading: Is sunlight blocked?
System size: More panels = more power

Financial variables

There are also financial variables that affect your solar savings. These include the Australian government solar rebate, any state rebates, your feed-in tariff, the cost of your solar panels and the rate that you pay for your electricity.

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Our calculator factors in all of these variables before displaying your solar results. You can find further information on each facet of generating solar power throughout our site.

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