Methods to
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There are different ways you can determine the amount of daily electricity you use. Firstly, and the most accurate method, is to get this directly from your most recent electricity bill. In most Australian states it is now mandatory for electricity providers to display this information. If you don’t have that, fear not; you can quickly calculate your daily electricity usage using our electricity calculator, all you need to do is estimate the total of your last bill, we find this is a far more accurate way of estimating your power usage.

If you want to calculate your electrical load by appliance, you can do so using our off grid system calculator.

Electricity calculator

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Your daily electricity usage

Your electricity usage by season

Your daily electricity usage varies with the season at your given location. Below is your daily output for each season.

Daily usage varies with the season

Electricity usage in your household is likely to vary depending on the time of year and weather season. Our electricity calculator results show typical daily usage for your household in: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. This seasonal information can be useful when weighing up your power requirements for any type of solar system.

Electricity use is an important variable

How much electricity you use is an important factor in deciding whether or not to convert to solar. After all, one of the goals of going solar is to power your home’s electricity needs from solar energy. Our solar power calculator tool calculates your electricity use and applies a cost to it based on your retailer. This information is then used to determine your potential for solar savings.

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Another way to calculate your daily electricity use is to estimate how much you use each of your household electrical appliances. This method is especially useful if you are preparing to go off grid, or moving to a new premises; and you want to estimate your daily electricity requirements.