NSW solar rebates and feed-in tariffs

If you live in New South Wales, the federal government solar rebate and feed-in tariffs from your electricity retailer can make solar power an attractive investment. We cover all of these incentives for you, including:

  • New South Wales solar rebate
  • How the rebate works
  • Solar feed-in tariffs in NSW
  • Solar power in NSW
  • How to find the right company
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New South Wales solar rebate

When you buy solar panels in New South Wales (NSW), you receive the Australian government solar rebate, which can reduce the cost of your solar system by nearly a third. Unlike Victoria, there is currently no state-based rebate in addition to the federal rebate. There has been discussion about a solar rebate for low-income households, but it is not yet in operation.

How the rebate works for NSW residents

The Australian solar power rebate is made up of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). The number of STCs you receive varies depending on your location and, the system size that you install. We look at the rebate below for a 6.6kW system in Newcastle:

Solar rebate for a 6.6kW system in Newcastle:
Gross system cost: $10,362
Solar panel rebate: ($3,712)
Net system cost: $6,650

Ensure you buy the right components

To receive the rebate, your panels, inverter and any batteries you buy, need to appear on the Clean Energy Council’s approved product list. If they are not approved by the CEC, you are not entitled to claim the rebate.

You also need to ensure that a CEC accredited installer is responsible for installing your system.

The rebate can save around 33%

The solar rebate has brought down the cost of the solar panels by one third. A system size of 6.6kW means that you can claim 109 STCs based on the solar power generation potential of your location, in this case, Newcastle. The price for STCs fluctuates according to demand, for this example we use a rate of $35; 109 x $35 = $3,815.

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New South Wales feed-in tariffs

Solar feed-in tariffs are a different form of incentive. Once your solar power system is up and running, you will receive a feed-in tariff for every kilowatt hour of electricity you export back to the grid. In NSW, the feed-in tariffs vary depending on who your electricity retailer is; some states like South Australia legislate a minimum feed-in tariff, but a price floor is not currently in place in NSW.

Use your solar power directly

While a feed-in tariff helps you to payback your system, the best way to use your solar is to power your appliances directly rather than export excess energy back to the grid.

Best feed-in tariffs in New South Wales

Beware electricity retailers that offer the best solar feed-in tariffs in NSW as they usually come with strict conditions. Some retailers will give you a higher feed-in tariff if you buy a system from them, while others will give you a premium rate if you switch providers. Some electricity retailers run a 12-month premium feed-in tariff before switching to a lower rate.

Think long-term

While any incentive is worth considering, bear in mind that if you buy a sound quality system, you should expect it to last 25 years. We do not include premium feed-in tariff prices in our solar calculator for this very reason, but you can input your tariff rate in the advanced options.

Best NSW feed-in tariffs
Dodo Power & Gas 11.6c
Energy Australia 10.5c
Power Direct 10.2c
Click Energy 10.0
Powershop 9.5

New South Wales solar power

Solar power is typically an attractive option for NSW residents. With high electricity prices, good sunshine hours, solar rebates and incentives available; it is possible to pay back the cost of a solar panel system within five years.

Get solar power calculations for your property

Many variables affect the viability of solar at your property in NSW, including your local sunshine conditions, your rooftop orientation and pitch, and when and how much electricity you use. Our solar power calculator performs calculations specific to your property and gives you reliable results on the savings and benefits you might expect from a solar system.

Selecting the right company

Nearly every solar company will handle your rebate for you. However, the rebate is only small part of the installation process. The quality of the solar panels, inverter and other system components is important to the longevity and performance of your system. So too is the actual installation. We can help by organising free solar quotes from some of the best NSW solar installation companies.


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