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We provide results and guides to help you evaluate solar panels and batteries for your home or business. We also connect you with reputable installer companies that we trust to provide quotes on a solar system for your property. .

Solar power is the way forward for our environment and, in most instances, it is financially beneficial for households and businesses. Our site takes you through the complete journey from discovery, evaluation through to the purchase of solar for your home or business.

Our solar calculator is independent and free to use; it assists you in making an informed decision about solar rooftop panels and batteries. We provide calculators for all forms of solar systems, including off-grid solar systems and solar battery storage.

We publish several guides that cover the cost of installation, financial rebates, feed-in tariffs, solar panels, inverters and battery storage. You can even calculate how many panels you need. Should you decide that solar is right for you, we also provide a free, independent, solar quote service from our pool of accredited Australian installers that we have thoroughly vetted.

How can Solar Calculator help?

Solar Calculator provides the most comprehensive free, online solar calculator tool in Australia. You find articles and guides to fill any knowledge gap on all things solar. Our quote service can connect you with reputable solar installers that we have pre-vetted.

Is the Solar Calculator service free?

All of the information available on our website can be viewed by anyone at anytime. Our quote service is free and there is no obligation to accept a quote from any company.

How does Solar Calculator make money?

When a visitor request quotes from reputable installers via our site, we receive a small upfront fee ($30) from each company. We do not receive any commissions should a sale take place. This model means that we can provide our service free of charge without adding to the cost of any install.

How does Solar Calculator select installers?

We are very fussy about the installers that we arrange to provide quotes, so much so that we turn away over 75% of all installers that wish to join our partner program. We vet each company by analysing: install practices, install warranties, time in business, pricing, quality of components, CEC accreditation and other relevant qualifications and affiliations.

Does Solar Calculator support environmental causes?

We donate more than 1% of all revenue to environmental causes and organisations that support climate action. Solar Calculator is a member of One Percent for the Planet and a supporter of the UN Global Compact.


To strive towards a 100% renewable energy future by educating consumers about the environmental and financial benefits of solar power.

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"The Earth receives enough sunlight in one hour to power the world for over a year"

National Geographic

Our story

Despite an abundance of sunshine hours, so little of the Earth's energy requirements is generated from solar power. It's there for us every day, it's free, and it’s far better for our environment than traditional fossil fuel resources. While researching the merits of solar panels for our rooftop, I realised no one resource could answer all of the questions I had about installing solar power.

In particular, I found it hard to find the all-important information on the cost, savings, energy and environmental benefits of solar power. The calculators that were online delivered some of this information; however, most produced biased and unrealistic results in the hope of generating new business. No one calculator was able to incorporate all of the different variables and other important factors, including daily supply charge, the effect of shading and the new solar frontier, battery storage. Solar Calculator was born to answer all of these questions and many more; and provide an independent, reliable and accurate resource for anyone wanting to go solar.


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