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Our STC calculator will tell you how much you can save off the value of a solar panel system. Simply enter your postcode and the system size you are considering buying and our calculator will do the rest.

Your government solar rebate varies depending on your system size and your installation location. Calculate your solar panel rebate using our STC calculator below.

graphic showing the rebate for a 5kW panel system
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solar rebate calculator

The size of your system and your property location affect the rebate you are entitled to.

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Your rebate comesin STCs

The solar panel rebate, or financial incentive (correct government term), is issued in the form of Small- scale Technology Certificates, commonly referred to as STCs. Each STC carries a monetary value that fluctuates between $37 – $40, for the 2023 calendar year the STC price averaged $40.

Location and system size

When you purchase a solar system, you’ll receive a certain number of STCs according to the size of your solar system and your location. The total value of these certificates is your solar panel rebate amount.

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