Solar Battery Incentives and Rebates – Your 2024 Guide

Last updated: March 2024
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Solar batteries can deliver compelling benefits, from backup power to increasing energy independence and household savings. But they don’t come cheap.

Unlike the federal government solar rebate that applies to all household solar panels in Australia, solar battery rebates are only available in certain states. 

See if your state government offers a solar battery rebate below.

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This image is about the solar battery rebate. It shows a money bag icon over solar batteries and panels.

State-by-State Solar Battery Rebates

Solar battery rebates are only supported in some states.

The table and description below shows which states currently support solar battery incentives or rebates.

Solar and battery rebate status: Yes
Solar and battery rebate status: None
Solar and battery rebate status: Yes
Solar and battery rebate status: Yes
Solar and battery rebate status: Yes
Solar and battery rebate status: Yes
Solar and battery rebate status: Yes

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Battery Rebates for Hybrid Systems

If you purchase a panel and battery system, you will be eligible to receive the federal government rebate on the solar panels included in that system. This will help reduce the overall price of a hybrid system.

However, you won’t receive any additional rebate for adding battery storage to the system unless a specific battery rebate program is offered in your state or territory.

Battery Rebates, System Costs, and Payback Periods

Where solar panels are a worthwhile financial investment in most instances, the same cannot necessarily be said for solar batteries.

The payback period for a new hybrid system ranges between 7 – 13 years. Adding a battery to an existing system can affect this projection quite significantly.

Our solar and battery calculator can tell you the savings and payback figures for your desired system.

Next steps

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