South Australia rebates and feed-in tariffs

South Australia is a great place to invest in solar power with a number of rebates and incentives available. We cover them all for you on this page:

  • Australian federal rebate
  • SA Home Battery Scheme
  • Feed-in tariffs in South Australia
  • Solar power in South Australia
  • Finding the right solar company
Man pondering the amount he can save with South Australian solar rebates

The Australian solar rebate is available in SA

When you buy solar panels in Australia from an accredited installer, you will receive Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) as a form of solar rebate that reduces the cost of your system purchase. The amount of the rebate varies depending on the number of sunshine hours your location receives and the size of the system you select. The federal rebate can shave off up to $3,000 off the cost of a 5kW solar system:

Rebate example for a 6.6kW system in South Australia:
Gross system cost: $10,494
Solar panel rebate: ($3,712)
Net system cost: $6,782

To receive the federal solar rebate in South Australia, your solar panels and inverter must be approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) and, your system must be installed by a CEC accredited installer. If you buy a lithium battery, this must be on the CEC’s list of approved products too.

After a reputable installer?

South Australia Home Battery Scheme

In addition to the federal government solar rebate, you can also receive a rebate on the purchase of a battery through the South Australian government’s Home Battery Scheme. You can receive $300 for every kWh of battery storage capacity you install up to a maximum of $3,000.

  • Save $300 for every kWh of battery storage you install

For example, if you install a 10kWh battery, you will save $3,000. If you are an Energy Concession holder, you can receive up to a $400 rebate per kWh of storage.

Rebate makes batteries far more economical

The South Australian rebate makes the installation of a panel and battery system far more appealing. If you are considering a battery, you might need to select a larger 6.6kW solar system or even a 10kW system, depending on your electricity usage.

Ensure your battery is approved and eligible

To receive the South Australian home battery rebate, the battery must be on the Clean Energy Council’s list of approved lithium batteries.

Solar feed-in tariffs in South Australia

In addition to the upfront rebates, you will also receive a financial incentive called a solar feed-in tariff, for every kilowatt hour of electricity you export back to the grid. South Australian feed-in tariffs are set by your electricity retailer and typically range between 9.5 – 16c. If you can, it’s worth switching to a retailer with a higher feed-in tariff rate, but the best way to use solar is to consume the power that your system generates directly.

You also need to watch out for retailers that offer a high feed-in tariff for 12 months only, these deals often revert back to a much lower rate in the second year.

The best solar feed-in tariffs in SA

The table below shows the best solar feed-in tariffs available in South Australia:

Best South Australian feed-in tariffs
Simply Energy 15.0c
AGL 12.4c
Power Direct 12.4c
Energy Australia 12.0
Commander Energy 11.6

Solar power in South Australia

A combination of high electricity prices, an abundance of sunshine hours and financial incentives mean that you can make some significant savings and pay back a solar system within five years.

Take advantage of SA rebates

Solar panel prices are competitive in Adelaide and throughout the whole of the state. You can also receive the federal solar rebate, feed-in tariffs from your retailer and if you are considering a battery for a hybrid system or an existing solar panel system, the South Australian government provides an incentive through their Home Battery Scheme.

Calculate solar power in South Australia

To see if solar power is a good investment at your property in South Australia, you can use our solar panel and battery calculator to predict your solar savings accurately. The calculator factors in your location, roof orientation and pitch, along with your electricity usage to provide you with reliable results so that you can make a sound decision on going solar.

Finding a good solar company

Find a good solar company is vital to the longevity and ongoing performance of your solar power system. To access the South Australian Home Battery Scheme rebate, you need to engage a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer to install your battery system. The benefit of this is that they will also provide a 5-year guarantee on your entire solar system. You can organise quotes from reputable companies in South Australia here.


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