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Adelaide solar power

Adelaide suffers from the highest electricity prices in Australia. Fortunately, Adelaide also receives an abundance of sunshine, making it an ideal location to generate solar power. The combination of high electricity prices and ample sunshine mean that you can pay back the cost of your solar system within 4-5 years.
Adelaide solar power output
3kW Solar system12.6kWh
4kW Solar system16.8kWh
5kW Solar system21.0kWh
6.6kW Solar system27.7kWh
10kW Solar system42.0kWh
Many variables affect solar panel output at your property, so we recommend using our detailed solar calculator that can generate results specifically for your rooftop, and you can weigh up whether or not solar is worth it. We explore some of the solar variables for your property below.

North facing orientation is best

The ideal scenario for generating solar in Adelaide is if your rooftop faces North, year-round, this orientation will produce the most power. You can still make significant savings if your rooftop faces east or west, particularly if you use the majority of your electricity during the early morning and late afternoon peak periods.

Roof pitch for maximum solar exposure

The tilt of your solar panels does affect output, though the difference between the ideal angle and one 25° off is typically less than 10%. In Adelaide, a roof pitch of 35° is ideal for year-long solar gain, while a higher roof pitch will mean you can generate more power in the winter months.
roof direction and pitch in Adelaide

Solar panels prices in Adelaide

A 5kW solar system in Adelaide typically costs between $6,000 – $7,500. This price includes all components, the cost of installation, your solar rebate and GST. You will find lower prices for solar in Adelaide, and some may be good systems, but we recommend you pay extra for a reliable and longer-lasting installation. If you want the best solar panels, add another 5 – 10% onto the high range of these prices. The table below shows prices in Adelaide for different system sizes.
Adelaide solar panel prices
System size:3kW5kW6.6kW10kW
Average prices:$4,969$6,683$8,521$13,358
Note: the prices above are for solar panels and their components only and do not include batteries.

Beware bargain basement deals

It is important to avoid the temptation to make select a company and solar components on price alone. Systems vary, as does the quality of installation and the length of warranties; it is not an apples vs apples comparison. To avoid the potential pitfalls that cheap systems can bring, compare and consider the following:
  • The quality of the solar panels
  • The quality of the inverter and cabling
  • The product warranties of all components
  • The accreditation levels of the solar company
  • Longevity in business
  • After sales service

Ready for your quotes?

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Solar rebates and incentives for Adelaide residents

Australian solar panel rebate

If you live in South Australia, you will receive the Australian solar rebate so long as your system is installed by a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installer and, the CEC approves the panels you select. The size of the rebate varies depending on the system size you install.

South Australian battery scheme

The South Australian government’s Home Battery Scheme is currently providing an additional solar rebate for battery installs. You can receive a $500 rebate for each kWh of battery storage you install, or up to $600 if you are a South Australian Energy Concession holder. The incentive effectively halves the cost of battery storage. You can use our battery calculator if you already have solar panels.

Adelaide feed-in tariffs

In Adelaide, your electricity retailer determines the feed-in tariff you receive for the excess solar you export to the grid. Due to the higher electricity prices, retailers generally offer a feed-in tariff between 12 – 16c, which, is higher than you what residents in Sydney receive.

Solar payback and savings in Adelaide

The graphic below shows results from our solar power calculator for a 6.6kW solar system in Adelaide. Please note: results will vary according to your electricity consumption habits and property suitability. results from Solar Calculator for a 6.6kW solar system in Adelaide
payback period graphic for Adelaide properties

Adelaide solar companies: How to find a good one

Many installers are operating in Adelaide, but it is essential to find a good one. A good solar company can be the difference between a long-lasting high-performing solar system and one that conks out after three years. Below is a list of things to look for in a reputable solar company:
  • Supply panels that come with longer warranties
  • Tailor a system to suit your needs, not one they are selling off-the-shelf
  • Perform a detailed analysis of your savings potential
  • Provide a 5-year entire system warranty
  • Provide superior after sales service
  • Longevity in business
accredited installers badge

Quotes from the best Adelaide solar installers

At Solar Calculator, we only refer you to solar companies that meet our high standards. We vet each company by applying the list of points above as well as many other checks. When you receive solar power quotes through our service, you are getting three quotes from highly reputable and reliable companies.
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