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Generating solar power in Perth

Perth just outshines Brisbane as the best capital city in Australia to install and generate solar power. A 5kW system typically produces, on average, 22kWh of electricity per day and can payback in five years. The vast number of sunshine hours in Perth also means you receive a larger solar rebate than Melbourne residents.

Perth solar panel output
3kW Solar system13.2kWh
4kW Solar system17.6kWh
5kW Solar system22.0kWh
6.6kW Solar system29.0kWh
10kW Solar system44.0kWh

Many variables affect the payback and savings figures for your household or business, we cover the key variables below, but you can use our solar calculator tool for a reliable calculation into solar power at your property.

Best angle for solar panels in Perth

If you can position your solar panels on an angle of 32°, you will maximise your system’s potential to generate solar energy. If your roof is tilt is not near to 32° you need not fret, unless you have a flat roof, your system’s output will still be adequate. If your roof is flat, you will need to mount your panels on at least 10° pitch so that they clean themselves.

Panel orientation

If you can do so, it is best to orient your panels to the North in Perth. A north-facing solar installation will maximise your solar panel output. Your system is still likely to be effective if your panels face the east or the west, particularly if your household consumes a large percentage of your electricity during the morning and evening peak periods.

roof orientation and best angle in Perth

Perth solar panel prices

A decent-quality 6.6kW system will cost you between $6,000 – $8,500 in Perth. There are advantages to selecting the best quality solar panels, even though they cost more. If not the best, then try to avoid buying cheap solar panels that come with shorter warranties without a premium placed on the installation.

The table below shows solar panel prices in Perth for different system sizes:

Perth solar panel prices
System size:3kW5kW6.6kW10kW
Average prices:$4,193$5,488$6,584$9,975

The risks of buying a cheap system

Selecting a system and solar company to perform the installation is not just a matter of comparing prices. Installation audits conducted by the Clean Energy Council has found that nearly 18% of all installations are substandard while 3.4% are unsafe. We list some of the risks typically associated with cheap systems:

  • System may not last beyond four years
  • The system may not perform as it should
  • Faulty wiring may make the system unsafe
  • The reputation of the solar company
  • The solar warranties may be short or worse not applicable
  • The retailer may shirk responsibility for repairing the system

Ready for your quotes?

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Western Australia rebatesand incentives

Federal government solar rebate

All Perth residents can receive the Australian solar panel rebate, so long as you install components that the Clean Energy Council has approved; and an accredited installer installs them. Your rebate can be as much as $3,000 for a 5kW system. Often the rebate is already factored into the price that you get quoted.

Perth feed-in tariffs

You will also receive a feed-in tariff for every kilowatt-hour of electricity you export back to the grid. The feed-in tariff varies depending on who your retailer is and, where you live. Typically, it is between 7 – 10c, so it is best to directly use the power generated by your panels rather than export it back to the grid.


Payback and savings for Perth systems

Many variables affect your system’s ability for payback and savings, but it is possible to pay back the cost of your solar power system within five years in Perth. The graphic below shows results from our calculator for a 6.6kW system:

savings and payback period results from Solar Calculator for a 6.6kW system in Perth
payback period graphic for Perth households

Perth solar companies

When buying solar panels for your house, you need to avoid the temptation to make a decision purely based on price. Selecting the right company to install your system and advise you on suitable components is essential. We list some of the key points to look out for in a good solar company:

  • Ensure they use CEC accredited installers
  • Ask and compare the solar panel warranties
  • Do they provide a full system warranty?
  • Longevity in business
  • Are they a CEC Approved Retailer?
accredited installers badge

Perth solar quotes

We can organise solar quotes for you from leading Perth installer companies. We thoroughly vet all of the installers that we refer customers to, and all of them meet the strict criteria that we list above; that you should look for in a good solar company. Our quote service allows you to compare quotes from three of the best Perth companies without worrying about their credentials.

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