10kW Solar system: Prices output and savings

Prices for 10kW solar systems

A 10kW solar panel system typically costs between $9,500 – $12,500. Prices vary for 10kW systems according to your location and, the quality of components and company you select to perform the install. Solar rebates vary according to the size of your system and the sunshine hours your postcode receives.

The table below shows average prices for 10kW solar systems in major Australian cities:

Average 10kW system prices in major cities:
Adelaide $9,790
Brisbane $9,610
Melbourne $9,932
Perth $9,500
Sydney $9,590
graphic for a 10kW solar system showing the sun, solar panels and an inverter

How much electricity do 10kW systems produce?

Depending on your location, a 10kW solar system can produce between 35 – 44kWh of electricity per day. The panel output from a 10kW system is typically enough to power a large household with electricity bills in the realm of $1,000 per quarter, or offset electricity usage for a fully-electric lifestyle. The table below shows how much a 10kW solar system produces in various Australian locations:

The table below shows how much a 10kW system generates in major Australian cities:

10kW system output in major cities:
Adelaide 42.0kWh
Brisbane 42.0kWh
Melbourne 36.0kWh
Perth 44.0kWh
Sydney 39.0kWh

Output varies with the season

The amount of solar your system generates also varies according to the season; your panels will output less in winter and more in summer. It’s handy to know your seasonal usage and then compare this against what your system is likely to produce.

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Savings and payback for 10kW solar systems

The payback period for 10kW systems varies according to your location, electricity usage habits and your properties suitability for solar. If you use more than 30kWh / day, it’s possible to pay back your 10kW system within five years. If you buy good quality solar panels, you may save more than $100,000 throughout the 25-year life of your system. Below we show results from payback and savings results for a 10kW system in Brisbane:

results from Solar Calculator for a 10kW system in Brisbane

Use our 10kW system calculator

Our solar system calculator will provide accurate and reliable results for a 10kW solar system at your property. We recommend using it to display results specific to your property, location and electricity usage.

Reasons to install a 10kW system

If you are considering installing a 10kW solar panel system, you are either a high energy user or, looking to electrify everything (including transport) or, you plan on using more electricity in the future. Below is a list of reasons why might select a 10kW system:

  • Use in excess of 30kWh electricity per day
  • Winter electricity demand is high
  • Plan to add a battery in the future
  • Looking to power an electric vehicle
  • Plan to use more electricity in the future

Roof space

If the above reasons do not apply to your situation, you might consider a smaller 6.6kW system or 8.5kW unit.

Battery storage with a 10kW solar system

For a 10kW solar system with battery storage, you can expect to pay between $20,000 – $26,000 for full installation. While your solar panels on your roof will likely last 25 years, bear in mind that you will need to replace your battery after ten years.

Are you a high energy user?

Adding a battery to a 10kW system may be financially beneficial if you have large electricity bills. A 10kW system will likely generate enough to directly power your daytime electricity needs and charge a 10kWh battery for later night time use.

How many panels in a 10kW system?

A 10kW system typically consists of between 23 – 30 panels that will take up an area of between 38m2 – 52m2. The better the quality of panels you buy, the less of them you will need, as the best panels are more efficient.


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