Victorian solar rebates

If you live in Victoria and are considering investing in solar power, you should consider all of the available solar rebates. Firstly, there is the Federal government rebate, which is unaffected by the new Victorian solar rebate; it can reduce the cost of solar panels by up to one third. On top of that, there are Victorian solar rebates, not just one, but numerous incentives. We go through them all on this page along with some other topics, including:

  • Prices after all federal and Victorian rebates
  • The federal government rebate
  • Victorian solar panel rebate
  • Sourcing reputable installers
  • Finding a good solar company
Person weighing up solar savings with all of the available Victorian solar rebates

System price after applying all Victorian rebates

The typical cost of a good 5kW system is now just over $4,000 when all of the solar rebates available to eligible Victorian residents have been applied:

Effect of Victorian solar rebates on 5kW system:
Gross system cost:$8,775
Less federal rebate:($2,488)
Less Victorian rebate:($1,888)
Net system cost:$4,399

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Victorian solar panel rebate

The Victorian solar rebate is available to residents purchasing new solar systems from July 1 2019. The rebate is for half the cost of a new system up to a maximum of $1,888 while there are other incentives too, we list them all below:

  • Up to 50% off up to a maximum of $1,888 off the purchase of a new solar system
  • Interest-free loans on solar purchases to be paid off over four years
  • Rebates for Victorian rental properties
  • Battery rebates up to a maximum of $4,838

Eligibility criteria for the $1,888 saving

You must meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify for the Victorian rebate:

  • Plan to install a solar system after January 1 2020
  • Household income is less than $180,000 per year
  • Household value is less than $3 Million

Victorian interest free loans

In addition to the Victorian solar panel rebate, homeowners and renters can also apply for an interest-free loan to cover the up-front cost of a new solar system. The term of the loan is four years, so effectively the cost of the solar system will be paid off over 48 monthly repayments.

Monthly repayments for a 5kW system using rebates:
Net system cost:$4,399
Loan term:4 Years
Monthly repayments:$92.00

Solar incentives for Victorian renters

Solar Victoria, the department responsible for the Victorian solar rebates, is also offering assistance to renters. More details on the specifics of the incentives to renters and for rental properties are due shortly.

Victorian battery rebate

The Victorian solar rebate also applies to the purchase of new battery storage systems. Like the panel rebate, residents can claim 50% off the price of a new battery up to a maximum of $4,838. You are not able to claim both the panel rebate and the battery rebate, so this incentive is more geared towards existing solar panel owners who are looking to add a battery.

Federal solar rebate in Victoria

The federal solar panel rebate is available in conjunction with the Victorian incentives. The rebate amount varies according to the amount of solar power your system will produce, it is dependent on sunshine hours and the system size. While it is not as generous in Victoria as it is for Queensland residents, it still can still save you over $3,000 off the price of a 6.6kW system.

In most cases, your installer will handle the rebate for you and it is priced in to your quotes for solar panels.

Victorian feed-in tariffs

Victorian solar feed-in tariffs are set by your electricity retailer. The Victorian government sets a minimum tariff rate of 12.0c for all units that you export back to the grid.

The best solar feed-in tariffs in Victoria

Best Victorian feed-in tariffs
DC Power Co15.0c

Finding a good Victorian company

With the Victorian solar rebate scheme creating greater demand, it is more important than ever to source a reputable and reliable installer company to install a good quality system at your property.

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Our quote service can put you in touch with up to three highly accredited Victorian companies. We have done all of the hard work for you in vetting these solar companies and ensuring they adhere here to the highest quality standards and provide the appropriate warranties.


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