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Solar panel shading

Solar panel shading If you are deciding if solar is worth it and, your rooftop is subject to shading, then you need to understand that shading can affect the performance of your panels considerably. You also need to know that there are solutions. How shading affects panels A solar power system is normally split into […]

Solar panel output

Photovoltaic output of solar panels Converting the rated Wattage of a solar panel into electricity to find its photovoltaic (PV) output, is essential in order to weigh up the feasibility of solar power. There are many inputs and variables required to calculate how much electricity solar panels generate; and each must be considered before the […]

Solar panel efficiency

Solar panel efficiency Solar cell efficiency is the rate at which a solar panel transfers the sunlight via photovoltaics into electricity. The average cell efficiency of a solar panel is between 11 – 22%. It varies between manufacturers. The higher the efficiency of a solar panel, the more solar power it will produce per square […]

Solar panel temperature

The effect of temperature on solar panel performance Temperature has an effect the efficiency and maximum pv output of a solar panel. The hotter a panel gets, the less power it generates. The ambient temperature, temperature coefficient of the actual panel and the type of installation are all factors that affect the yield potential of […]

Solar Panel Orientation

The effect of orientation on solar output The direction solar panels should ideally face for optimum sun exposure, varies depending on location. For Australia, solar power yields are higher when panels face north. In fact, all Southern Hemisphere locations should ideally position panels in a northerly direction. If your property is located in the Northern […]

Solar Panel Angle

Solar panel angle affects performance The angle and orientation of your roof, along with the location of your property, will have an impact on how much solar power your panels can generate. Solar panels generate maximum power when they are positioned perpendicular to the sun, so that the suns rays hits the panels on a […]