Understanding and avoiding greenwashing

Understanding and Avoiding the Dangers of Greenwashing The term “greenwashing” refers to the deceitful practice of marketing products as environmentally friendly, while in reality, the company spends little time and money to ensure they minimise their environmental impact. The goal is to mislead environmentally conscious customers into purchasing products that can harm, rather than help, Continue reading

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Sustainable smart home

Making a Sustainable Smart Home: What You Need to Know In a “smart home,” certain features are automated or remotely controlled. Sometimes, this means that smart aspects of your house are built directly into the structure. More commonly, third-party devices allow homeowners to control various components of the home — fixtures, utilities, security systems, and Continue reading

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Are home improvements worth it

10 Popular Home Improvements: Are They Worth The Cost? One increasingly popular way to modernise and reinvent your home is through renovations. Some of the changes you make might ultimately pay for themselves, while others won’t. In a worst-case scenario, you could end up decreasing the value of your home. A freshly renovated home with Continue reading

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Energy Independence

What Is Personal Energy Independence and Why Does It Matter? Energy independence — the ability to produce a sustainable amount of fuel to meet demands — allows for sufficient energy use without worrying about fluctuating global prices, power outages, or potentially harmful sources of oil, gas, or electricity. While energy independence among some of the Continue reading

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