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Solar energy facts and statistics

Australian solar energy facts and statistics Solar panels continue to be installed on household rooftops in Australia at an increasing rate generating clean, renewable energy from the sun. Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator reports that as at the end of February 2023, a total of 3.414 million solar power systems have been installed on Australian homes Continue reading

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Smart Meter for solar power

Do I need a Meter upgrade when I install solar panels? If you’re thinking about buying a solar system, you’re probably busy looking into the different brands of solar panels, inverters, and perhaps even a battery to store extra power. During the solar installation, you may also need to upgrade your electricity meter and possibly Continue reading

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Solar panel shading

Do solar panels work in shade? Solar panels will still work in the shade, though output is likely to be significantly reduced. As to how well the solar panels will work in the shade depends on: What is causing the shading Is the shading opaque or translucent How long the shading lasts As we explain Continue reading

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Net metering

What is net metering? A net meter is a metering device that allows you to sell your excess solar power back to the grid in return for a financial credit. The net meter also records the electricity you buy from the grid. Solar net metering Solar net metering records your electricity imports from the grid, Continue reading

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Solar panel output

Photovoltaic output of solar panels Converting the rated Wattage of a solar panel into electricity to find its photovoltaic (PV) output, is essential in order to weigh up the feasibility of solar power. There are many inputs and variables required to calculate how much electricity solar panels generate; and each must be considered before the Continue reading

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Solar panel temperature

The effect of temperature on solar panel performance Temperature has an effect the efficiency and maximum pv output of a solar panel. The hotter a panel gets, the less power it generates. The ambient temperature, temperature coefficient of the actual panel and the type of installation are all factors that affect the yield potential of Continue reading

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Solar Panel Orientation

The effect of orientation on solar output The direction solar panels should ideally face for optimum sun exposure, varies depending on location. For Australia, solar power yields are higher when panels face north. In fact, all Southern Hemisphere locations should ideally position panels in a northerly direction. If your property is located in the Northern Continue reading

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Solar Panel Angle

Solar panel angle affects performance The angle and orientation of your roof, along with the location of your property, will have an impact on how much solar power your panels can generate. Solar panels generate maximum power when they are positioned perpendicular to the sun, so that the suns rays hits the panels on a Continue reading

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